Real Estate Closing Procedure
Closing the deal’ is the final part of a real...

Closing the deal’ is the final part of a real estate transaction. It entails the settlement and transfer of both the money and the real estate title, respectively. It is probably the most crucial part of the venture since this is where both parties get what they want.

This article briefly explains the procedure behind a typical real estate closing.

What are the Steps in a Real Estate Closing?

While the steps in a real estate closing may vary between different states, it still generally follows a basic structure. First, the seller and they buyer meet together with their respective lawyers. Then, the documents necessary to the deal are signed and notarized. After that, it is simply a matter of transferring the funds from the buyer’s account to the seller’s.

The whole process can be done personally and face-to-face, or through an escrow agent. Most people opt for the latter as it entails having a disinterested party to facilitate the deal. Particularly, the escrow agent is put in charge of receiving all the vital documents as well as overseeing the deal’s conclusion through the successful transfer of funds and titles.

The process of closing is simple enough. Keep in mind that both parties should receive an estimated closing date. This should give you ample time to look everything up and make sure that no mistakes are made. Any mistakes in the paperwork can cause a delay.

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